Leadership is an unavoidable need of the modern day manager!


No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent. —Abraham Lincoln

As a team leader we expect people to contribute by their best possible performance. The challenge is that people have feelings, concerns and their own motivations. For a modern day manager, leadership skills is inevitable. Leading your team properly will help you with the bottom line of your business: more productivity, more results and more profitability.

This course is designed based on what a manager who leads need in daily working practice. It empowers you to empower your team who will perform much better.


General Notes:

  • As an open course, this program is offered in specific destinations. However, as an in-house training it can be offered at any part of the globe.
  • This Program can be integrated with any other program in the same category and client will get benefit of significant discounts.
  • Accord Worldwide can offer this training in other languages than English, please contact us for your needs.



After attending the course, participants will be better able to:

  • Define work motives from a management perspective;
  • Name the factors that can influence the behavior of the people they work with;
  • Describe job enrichment principles;
  • Describe the manager‟s role in motivating their employees;
  • Apply job enrichment techniques to motivate their employees.


What Participants Receive?

  • A DVD with all the training material and extra-curricular learning material
  • Workshop handouts
  • 12 months FREE advice and support for any relevant questions and queries
  • Free membership to get free learning material

This training is very useful to anyone in managerial role and supervisory positions. It is a very practical and useful training for anyone whose job involves organizing and controlling the work of a team.

Training fee includes the course certificate, training materials, lunch and refreshments one social program at the end of the training and tuition fee.

Not included in the fee are: Visa Costs, Airfare cost, Accommodation, Travel Insurance, Dinner and any personal expense of the participant.

Please note that for groups, different destinations and in-house training we offer significant discount and we encourage you to contact us for a quotation.


Course Curriculum

Day One
• The human factor in management 00:00:00
• Why leadership is an emerging role of all managers 00:00:00
• Defining motivation 00:00:00
• Value, attitude, and behavior 00:00:00
• The theory of Needs from Abraham Maslow. 00:00:00
Day Two
• Empathy and considering others needs 00:00:00
• The theory X and theory Y from Douglas McGregor. 00:00:00
• Trust and Control 00:00:00
• The two Factors theory from Fredrick Herzberg. 00:00:00
• The importance of positive thinking 00:00:00
Day Three
• The theory of Expectancy. 00:00:00
• Team concepts 00:00:00
• Hackman‟s and Oldham‟s viewpoints 00:00:00
• Leadership development in organizational concept 00:00:00
• Job enrichment 00:00:00
Day Four
• Job rotation and enlargement 00:00:00
• Manager‟s role 00:02:00
• Things to do to motivate staff 00:00:00
• Managing different people 00:00:00
• Difficult circumstances 00:00:00
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