If you know, but cannot communicate yet you don’t know!

In relief and development work majority of communication is in writing. There are stakeholders, donors, employees and partners to whom you need to select the write tone in writing and the right approach. A manager is required to be a professional communicator when it comes to relief and development.

We come up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of development workers and managers to further help their business writing skills. This comprehensive training workshop will ensure the participants gain a change in their performance and not only some useful information.


General Notes:

  • As an open course, this program is offered in specific destinations. However, as an in-house training it can be offered at any part of the globe.
  • This Program can be integrated with any other program in the same category and for a 10 days course, client will get benefit of two days discount paying only for eight days.
  • Accord Worldwide can offer this training in other languages than English, please contact us for your needs.



This training will help you to learn:

  • Fundamentals of writing
  • Consider the data needed for business communication
  • Identify ways to improve your current practices in writing
  • The 7 C’s in business writing
  • Using graphics properly to support your point
  • Coherent writing
  • Tone in business communication
  • The You approach and proper persuasive approaches


What Participants Receive?

  • A DVD with all the training material and extra-curricular learning material
  • Workshop handouts
  • 12 months FREE advice and support for any relevant questions and queries
  • Free membership to get free learning material

This course is not useful, but necessary for any level of management, team leaders, NGO directors, CEOs, business owners, and project manager. It also helps Consultants, and freelancers.

Training fee includes the course certificate, training materials, lunch and refreshments one social program at the end of the training and tuition fee.

Not included in the fee are: Visa Costs, Airfare cost, Accommodation, Travel Insurance, Dinner and any personal expense of the participant.

Please note that for groups, different destinations and in-house training we offer significant discount and we encourage you to contact us for a quotation.


Course Curriculum

Day One
• Difference between common types of business communication 00:00:00
• Principles of business writing 00:00:00
• Grammatical errors that we always make 00:00:00
• Review of business writing principles 00:00:00
• Formal writing ethics 00:00:00
Day Two
• The 7 C’s in writing 00:00:00
• Types of writing and tone in writing 00:00:00
• The “YOU” approach in practice 00:00:00
Day Three
• Practice on paragraph writing 00:00:00
• Paramedics writing (Practice to concise writing) 00:00:00
• The killing jargons 00:00:00
• Components of a proposal 00:00:00
Day Four
• Give me a reason to read! 00:00:00
• What to put first and why? 00:00:00
• The art of proof reading 00:00:00
• Email reporting hints and ethics 00:00:00
Day Five
• What is the point? 00:00:00
• Take the reader to a show 00:00:00
• How long is long enough in writing 00:00:00
• Assumptions 00:00:00
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